My Current 3 Inspirations For Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for awhile you will at some point have hit the inevitable bloggers block. As someone who tries to think of creative posts that doesn’t involve buying stuff, this can be particularly tricky to get the creative juices flowing, especially as I like to post 3 times a week. So when I’m feeling like I  need some inspiration I start with the next three things that never fail me and I always come away with ideas whirling around the old noggin!

sweet allure My Current 3 Inspirations For Blogging

01. Listen to Podcasts.
As I’ve mentioned before in my recent top 5 favourite podcast post, I’m really into podcasts at the minute and if you combine this with blogging you have the perfect duo for inspiration. I didn’t find any good blogging podcasts for a little while then all of a sudden I stumbled over a bunch that I felt I really needed to share.

Make it happen: A podcast by Jen Carrington: Jen interviews other bloggers and digital entrepreneurs and discusses all kind of topics from income, working too hard, believing in yourself, tips and tricks and generally just being awesome at doing your own thing online. This really inspires me to push myself creatively and think outside the box.

Ladies Who Lunch: This isn’t a blogging podcast but it’s two YouTubers talking about issues such as definitions of success, sexuality, personal identity, Feminism, online dating and so on. The topics and thoughts they have on these topics definitely inspire me to write about the things I’m passionate about and talking about more ‘real issues’ on my blog.

Ctrl Alt Delete: Again this an interview type of podcast, Emma interviews creatives from blogging, YouTube and Instagram. This podcast does talk about specific topics like working at Twitter, using social media and what it’s like to go viral, so it’s really good to pick out a topic you are interested in to learn and inspire you!

Filler: a creative industries podcast: You’ve probably noticed the theme already but this is again an interview style podcast, I find this one a little more varied and not specifically about blogging, which means you learn about some other creative fields.

I find learning about different kinds of topics makes me question more things, gain opinions and develop new interests which always helps get the cogs turning.

02. Take inspiration from your life.
Secondly, I love taking inspiration from my own life. Everyone has hobbies or interests and everyone’s are different. I know for a fact that my interests shift all the time, sometimes I’m really into reading, or watching Netflix, other times I’m really into watching YouTube, listening to podcasts or chatting on twitter, so tailor your posts to your interests. Maybe you’ve just bought a new house, moved, got engaged, had surgery, suffer with mental health or started a new job, there are always things going on that you might not find interesting but could be really informative or helpful to someone else. For example I am currently in the process of planning my wedding, so I like to talk about it as it’ll only happen once and people love hearing about things you do or don’t want, what you’ve learnt or tips and tricks, it’s always great to share things that help people get to know you better too, so don’t be afraid to open up!

03. Write what you want to read. 
Then finally, reading other people’s blogs. Now it’s pretty obvious that reading other blogs can inspire you with themes or topics to talk about on your own blog however what I find inspiring is figuring out the topics in my feed that hasn’t been covered, if that makes sense? So I tend to look for the missing things on my feed, the less covered topics or genres and get inspired that way. Or I see a topic that is covered more frequently but think of a way to make it different, for example my To Highlight or Not To Highlight, That is the Question post, highlighting is a very popular trend at the minute but I wanted to talk about it in a different format, a way that I hadn’t seen it been talked about before.

I think this is a great way to take something you’ve talked about before or items you’ve owned for yonks but by putting a creative spin on it you can talk about it in a whole different way. Take a topic you’ve talked about before and do a brain storm with all the words you can think of to do with the topic and see if anything new comes up that you haven’t thought about before! You can open up a bunch of new twists on old classics by just thinking outside of the box!

I really hope this post has given you some new avenues to explore if you are having a little writers block. I always find sitting down and really thinking about some of these ideas help inspire some new posts. I’m going to do some serious brain storming this weekend and get some new blog posts lined up for the coming month!

Please let me know what things inspire your blogging juices when you are feeling a little lost, as I would love to explore some new things myself!


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