The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.

When The Forum in Sheffield invited me along to the Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass event being excited was an understatement, learning to make cocktails with my blogger chums, whats not to love! 

I’ve been to a menu tasting event at The Forum before and it was a really good night, lovely hosts and great food and drink, so I knew it was going to be a good one!

Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass

Upon arrival we were greeted with a Gin & Elderflower Fizz which was really light and tasty, I love elderflower, so this was a great little start to the evening, I like the little spring of rosemary on the top, it added a little something extra smelling that as you drank it!

Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.

Then the first cocktail we were shown from the new menu was the Polish Espresso Martini, this is Polish vodka with coffee. For someone who isn’t a massive coffee drinker this was quite strong on the coffee front, although I did enjoy it in small doses, I can imagine some people will love this at the start of a drinking session after work to perk them up a little!

After having a taste of this one we were taken for a little tour of the brewery they had next door. Firstly, I had no idea they actually had a brewery, I think it’s pretty cool that they brew their own beer quite literally next door. Secondly, I think it was pretty cool getting to try some of the beer in the brewing stage, I’m not a fan of beer but I enjoyed tasting something that was brewing right in front of me. For any beer lover this is quite cool to know that something is being brewed so locally and can be purchased meer feet away.

After our little tour we were taken behind the bar to make our own Polish Espresso Martini, it was really fun getting to make some cocktails, I haven’t made any since back in my uni days! I forgot how much you need to shake them at the end ha!

Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.
The professionals!
Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.
My attempt!

Then the next cocktail we were shown was the Candy Martini, this is definitely my favourite, it’s very sweet but quite light and fruity. This has Licor 43 in it which is a Spanish Liqueur made from fruits and spices, then has fresh raspberries and pineapple added to it! This is such a good cocktail for summer, I can imagine drinking this out in the beer garden. I also think the added edible flower is so pretty, perfect instagrammable cocktails!

Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.

Then the final cocktail we were shown was the Lemon Cheesecake, I’ve got such a sweet tooth even when it comes to alcohol so this was also right up my street. This has Amaretto, Vodka, cream, lemon juice and Limoncello, which is a lemon liqueur, then to garnish they crumbled a digestive biscuit on the top. This is also really nice, my absolute favourite dessert is cheesecake so this was always going to be something that I love! The lemon was quite balanced with the sweet so it wasn’t really bitter or anything like that. I also managed to nab a cheeky biscuit!

Sweet Allure The Forum: Bloggers Cocktail Masterclass.

Then to make this evening pretty much perfect, Amber one of the event organiser came around with a Polaroid camera to take some snaps for us to take home, anyone that has read my blog for awhile knows Polaroid photography is my jam, so this was a perfect little addition to the night!

It was really fun tasting some of the new cocktails and getting to make them all! It was fun pairing up .and having a laugh spilling booze everywhere! I do have to say that the Candy Martini is my favourite and I might be heading back one date night to have another tasting..or three.

I absolutely love cocktails, so let me know what cocktails you enjoy for the summer months!

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