Entertainment of the Month June 2016

This months entertainment I’m going to mix a little with some music and a couple of video games, but as always I have plenty of TV loves that I just can’t wait to talk about, so lets get straight into it!

Sweet allure Entertainment of the Month June 2016

Game of ThronesSeason 6.

Holy cow hasn’t the episodes at the end of this season been absolutely amazing? I could talk forever about GoT but the end of this season has been particularly ground breaking. Firstly for a TV nerd like myself the story lines are great but the cinematography has been very very impressive. Long cuts, dramatic fight scenes, explosions, dragons, it’s been very visually impressive. The score (music) in the finale was really good, it was certainly dramatic and different but I thought it made it feel more like a film than a TV show, it’s amazing what a little bit of music can do! I also would like to highlight how amazing the costumes are, I thought Cersei’s outfit in the finale was dark and hard which I felt reflected the change of character in her. I’ll stop blabbering on now but any GoT obsessives hit me up so we can talk about it!!

Orange is the New Black – Season 4.

This is always a favourite show of mine, the characters really suck you in and this season has been no exception. We really learnt a lot about some of the characters, which made me like some of the more and some of them less (Piper). Some of the back stories are truly heart breaking and it makes you realise that these are people who have made mistakes and are suffering the consequences and that doesn’t mean they are necessarily bad people. Also it ends on a whopping big cliff hanger, so we’ve got a whole year to look forward to that!

Jane the Virgin.

I’ve only watched the first few episodes of this but I’m already really enjoying it, it’s a very strange concept but it’s something I’ve never seen before! Basically a virgin called Jane (i’m sure you could have guessed) gets accidentally inseminated during a patient mix-up at the doctors and she has to deal with being pregnant, getting engaged and general life after such a big change. It’s really interesting so I’m looking forward to seeing where the season takes us!

American Horror Stories – Season 4 – Freak Show.

I always start most of the AHS seasons and get bored half way through, they certainly make the first few episodes over the top creepy etc to draw you in and it always tends to fizzle out a little. This season has held my attention for quite a lot of it, so I’m almost at the end now. It’s about a bunch of ‘freaks’ that work in a circus travelling show, you see how they are outcast but also how the community comes together too. As always the characters are varied with the stereotypical twisted few added in. I might actually go and finish the latest season after this one, seeing as I’m about half way through that one too….

The Lonely Island – Band.

If you haven’t heard of The Lonely Island where have you been for the last 10 years?! They write funny songs and  I’ve been listening to them quite a lot this month as they just make me smile and cheer me up when I’m feeling a little glum. I’m crazy excited about their new movie coming out which conveniently comes out a couple of days before my birthday, woop!

Stardew Valley – Video Game.

I’m a huuuugeee nerd when it comes to simulation type games and with Steam having it’s famous sale this week I couldn’t resist forking out £8 for this game. It has so much charm! Basically you take over your granddads farm and you learn to plant crops, keep animals whilst getting to know the villagers, exploring and fishing. Yes I am a massive nerd and yes I’ll be sinking crazy amount of hours into this over the next few weeks, in fact I’m going to go play it after finishing writing this post…!

Lego Marvel Super Heros – Video Game.

Nick and I have been playing this game together on weekends as something fun and new to do together. I’ve always loved the Lego games, I’m a massive completionist and these games are perfect for that. I don’t think Nick has ever played a Lego game before so it’s fun to sit and work out the puzzles together on those rainy Sunday mornings! The games always have so much charm and witty dialogue so both adults and children can enjoy them for different reasons.

I’m hoping to mix up my entertainment of the month posts with all different things from now on as I’ve been enjoying so many different things recently. So I hope you’ve liked it!

As always let me know what you’ve been watching this month in the comments so we can all share recommendations! I love adding things to my ‘to watch’ list!

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