Wishlist For a Summer Garden Makeover

When we moved into our house last summer, we planned on spending so much time outside now that we have a garden, but somehow with all the things going on inside the house that needed fixing, it never quite happened. This year however I am determined to tame back the greenery and make it a really nice place to sit out, read and enjoy a cold beverage.

When it comes to all things interior I have a pretty good idea of what I want, however when it comes to the garden, I’m a little lost. I thought I’d put together a little wish list of things I’d love for the garden to make it an enjoyable place to sit and enjoy the summer sun, however little we get in the UK! So here are my garden makeover ideas.

Sweet allure My Summer Garden Wishlist.

The first thing I really want to invest in is some lovely comfy and stylish garden furniture, at the minute we’ve got a handed down table and chairs that are so battered from winter and certainly not pretty. I really want something comfy and cool like this rattan sofa set from Fishpools. The fabric cushions are perfect because they are shower proof and can be easily taken off and washed when dirty! This would fit perfectly at the end of the garden which is perfect as it catches the most sun!

The next thing I want is some really nice lanterns that we can either put real candles in or for less faff, put a bunch of fairy lights in. I love fairy lights and they make it pretty in the evening to sit out with a blanket and a cup of tea/glass of wine. We have a pebbled area at the bottom of the garden so they’d sit perfectly in them and hopefully wouldn’t get blown over in the wind. Fairy lights are perfect in the evening as they don’t give off too much light, just enough to feel cosy.

Our garden hasn’t got any grass, which I personally like because I’m lazy and couldn’t bare the thought of having to mow it all the time, however that does mean we have to make an effort to add greenery around. So next up on my wish list is a bunch of cool plant pots. When I came across these LED plant pots I thought they were really cool! They’d look great on the decking area just outside the backdoor to light the way to the bottom of the garden. I just need to find some low maintenance plants that I’ll be unlikely to kill…eeek.

Then last thing I’d like to pick up is some rustic style barrel planters. I really like the wood look of these and although I love plants, I do like them to be quite contained and manageable, so planters are perfect. It means I can put plants exactly where I want them and not risk them over growing and spreading too far, so I’d like to pick up a few planters like this to bring some life to the garden.

We are already planning on rejuvenating our decking as it’s been lacking some love this past year then we’ll eventually replace the shed with either an upgrade or something a little different, maybe even a BBQ area?

I’m really enjoying the idea of giving the back garden a little love and making it a place I can’t wait to get home to. I really want to be able to grab a book and a cup of tea and sit outside in the evenings to unwind.

Are you planning a garden makeover to enjoy the space over the summer? What do you think about my garden makeover ideas? Let me know what you’ve done!

*This post was sponsored by Fishpools, but thoughts, opinions and ideas are all my own.

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