Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.

Over the last few months I’ve been putting in some serious effort to make our house a home. Although I’ve been buying interior bits and pieces it didn’t quite come together until a couple of weeks ago.
I’ve been obsessed with analogue photography for as long as I can remember and during a recent Pinterest session I came across some images with vintage cameras on the fireplace. I decided to put one on my fireplace to see how it looked and it sparked huge inspiration in me to create a retro lounge theme.

Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.

Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.
Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.
As a huge film enthusiast and a lover of vintage things I thought the two blended well together as a a retro lounge theme. When I say films, I mean old school, film reels, spotlight lamps and movie posters. So when during a recent search for a lamp, this one from Argos had to come home with me. I like how you can point the light in the direction you want with this lamp.
I had bought a glass frame a few months ago but I hadn’t figured out what to do with when the idea came to me to put my Harry Potter train ticket in it which I thought went really well with the camera sat in front of it. I think it’s the silvery text that works well with the metal of the camera.
Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.
Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.
On the other side of the fire place I placed another camera, this is a box brownie, a little battered but cool looking. I really wanted another glass frame to go with it but this time I wanted something old and rustic looking and I found a perfect one in a local shop in Sheffield called Birdsyard. As soon as I saw it I knew something cool like camera rolls would look good in it, so I dug out some from a trip I took to Spain a few years ago with my girlfriends. It looked perfect and tied in quite well with the signed frame I have from Christian Bale for the Batman films, which also has film stills in it.
I decided to do some more Pinterest searching and a few things I came across when looking up ‘vintage’ and ‘fireplace’ was binoculars, I really thought they looked cool and vintage so I did some eBay searching and came across opera binoculars. Once I’d found a pair relatively cheap I snapped them up, I want to get some really old battered books for these to rest on top of.
Sweet Allure Interiors: How I Discovered my Retro Lounge Theme.

Then the last thing that tied everything together is a vintage suit case I got given for Christmas a couple of years ago. This has been sitting in my dressing room for awhile because I’d not figure out what to do with it so I put it open in an awkward space I have under the window. Someone suggested that I put records in it, but I don’t have a record player so I went with something I had wanted to display for ages but couldn’t work out how, my Polaroid film albums. I’ve had these for a little awhile now and they sit on a shelf in my dressing room not getting looked at, so I thought it would be cool to put them in the suitcase with my Polaroid book.

I’m really happy with the way things are coming along, it feels much better when everything works well together and isn’t just random things placed together hoping they look good. I just can’t decide whether to buy a new rug or to leave a bare wooden floor, decisions, decisions!

What do you think of my retro lounge theme? Is it your vibe too?

How did you decide on your house/room theme? Any tips or tricks to help me or other readers? Leave a comment below 🙂

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