Wedding Update: 4 Months To Go!

It’s almost 4 months till the wedding and everything seems to be going really slowly and quite quickly at the same time.

If I’m honest it’s still very much a 50/50 split on nerves and excitement, I think once I have things like my dress finished that’ll take some nerves off, but I’m excited that everything is coming together!

Sweet allure wedding update 4 months to go

Whilst out in Cyprus we finally got my engagement ring re sized. Basically Nick and I got engaged out there last year and thought it would be sweet to buy our ring out there as a memento. We found the perfect heart shaped diamond ring but it was too big for my teeny tiny fingers and due to lack of time, we were assured that it wouldn’t be a problem having it re sized back in the UK. We visited multiple places and everyone thought the resizing was too risky because of the 5-6 down sizes. So almost a year later we took it back to the same place in Cyprus and got it re sized down to fit perfectly. It definitely feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulder finally, it’s scary not knowing if your engagement ring will actually fit on your wedding day! But now we can hunt for the perfect wedding ring to sit with it!

A few other things have been coming along nicely too with only 4 months to go, my bridesmaids and I decided on a dress that suited everyone and fits well! Which means the next stage is picking out some accessories to bring some glamour to each outfit! I think I’m going to let the ladies pick something to suit their own styles, so everyone doesn’t look the same, I think having some personality showing is nicer than all looking the same.

I also went and got fitted for my wedding dress!! Which is very very exciting. I’m having my wedding dress made my amazing friend Gemma. I’ve known Gemma for many years and know how amazing her work is, so when I knew I didn’t want to buy something off the rack she was the first person I thought of. I can’t wait to see it start coming together when we go buy fabrics at the end of this month. It will happen quite quickly once the ball has started rolling and I’m so excited to try it on properly!

Sweet allure wedding update 4 months to go

Our invites are almost ready to send out. We’ve picked out which food we’d like for the buffet and I got my flower banquets one Saturday very expectantly when I came across some amazing fake flowers in a shop, I picked them up immediately because they were such a bargain. I also have my make up trial this month so I’m looking forward to that, I think I’m going to go for something quite natural and feminine.

Next on the list of things to do;

Book a hair trial
Finalise music for ceremony and reception
Decide on my own accessories, shoes, jewellery, belt
Book the hotel for wedding night
Decide on where to go for our mini moon break

Although I’m sure there are lots of little things to do with only 4 months left, the main thing for us at the minute is keeping on top of finances so we can pay for things when the time comes! It’s a little stressful worrying about every little purchase but it’ll all be worth it in the end!

I can’t believe that the next update will be probably around the 3 months to go mark! It will come around so quickly! If you want to see the story from the beginning you can read my 6 months to go update or The Venues or The Beginnings to get a much better understanding!

As always I’d love to hear from you in the comments! If you think i’ve missed out something glaringly obvious or you want to join in the fun wedding chats then please leave me a comment!

Sweet allure wedding update 4 months to go tarnya

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