7 Things I learnt From Rewatching Twilight

I’ve always been a Twilight fan, however shameful that might be to admit in my mid twenties but I read all the books as a teenager and got super into the films when they were released. I’ve not sat down and re watched them since back then and decided to do so with Nick after seeing them pop up on my Netflix. As always it was interesting to watch them with a fresh adult perspective.

Sweet Allure: 7 things I learnt from rewatching twilight
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01 Edward is kind of a bellend.
Back when I first read the books and watched the films, I was always on Team Edward but watching it as an adult, Edward is weird and stalkerish and controlling. He barely leaves Bella‘s side, he watches her sleep and kind of torments Bella by being super intense before dropping her like a hot potato. It’s really not a healthy relationship.

02 The wedding is actually really beautiful.
I might be a little bias at the minute about weddings but the ceremony in the forest with all the fairy lights is really beautiful, I kind of wish I could do that! We just have to try and forgot about the fact she’s about 17 and way to goey eyed about the whole thing…

03 Edward is about 100 years old but still doesn’t know how to wear a condom.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets pregnant on their first sexual encounter. I guess the 40 years of college education was lost on you huh Edward? Yes, I suppose being dead for however many years means you didn’t expect there to be some swimmers hanging around but hey, guess you were wrong.

04 Jacob is a hot dog.
See what I did there? I am a 100% Team Jacob convert. He’s so kind and caring and genuinely loves Bella for who she is but she’s too goey eyed over cold meat that she seriously friend zones the poor guy. She even gets the nerve to get pissed when he falls hopelessly for her daughter, I mean, cut the poor guy some slack.

05 Vampires have great taste.
The Cullen‘s house is actually incredible, how does no-one in the little town question something weird is going on? How much money do they think doctors actually make?! Either way, the house is amazing, so is the furniture and they all have great style, not sure if I’m willing to trade my soul for it all though.

06 Turning into a vampire makes you look like a model.
I can’t have been the only one that watched that scene and magically watched the full face of make up appear on her and think, damn, Bella a hottie. I wish when I woke up from my Friday night coma I looked this good on a Saturday morning.

07 The Cullens are a pretty sexy family. 
Do you think Carlisle went around picking the most attractive kids to join his #vampgang ? Seriously there isn’t one of the family members that I wouldn’t. For those that want to know my favourite, always has been and always will be Jasper, he’s my bae.

If you can look past all the silly teen vibe of the films, they are actually quite fun to watch, however lame that makes me sound. I love re-watching things like this from an adults view point so I can poke fun at them for these kind of posts. If you’ve enjoyed reading this you’ll probably enjoy 8 Things I learnt from rewatching Sex and the City and 3 Disappointing Moments from the Harry Potter Series

If you have any suggestion of TV or films you’d like me to watch for this type of post, please let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you noticed any silly things about Twilight that I didn’t!


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