Weekend Brunch with All Bar One.

Brunch is arguably the best meal of the day, mix that in with a Saturday lunch time and you’ve pretty much described the ideal start to a weekend. So as you can imagine, when All Bar One got in contact and said would I like to try their brunch menu, I jumped at the chance.

I’d been to All Bar One briefly before for a drink or two but I’ve never eaten food here before so I was very excited about trying it out.

Sweet allure Weekend Brunch with All Bar one

To start with we ordered drinks, Nick opted for a hot chocolate which came with a little pot of smarties (smarties for breakfast, yes please!) and I decided to go for Mango and Passion-fruit juice, which was really fresh and tasty.

Next up was the fun bit, picking which food to devour. There is so much choice I couldn’t decide between sweet and savoury which is a debate I have with myself pretty much everyday. Nick went for the full breakfast and I however went for sweet and opted for the pancakes with fruit, bacon and maple syrup.

Sweet allure Weekend Brunch with All Bar one

Firstly Nick’s full breakfast looked amazing and the plate was pretty clean by the end of it, so I’m sure that means he enjoyed it, I was tempted to have a little taster myself but I was so stuffed from my pancakes.

The pancakes were amazing, they were so fluffy! I love fluffy pancakes and I really should make them at home for myself. The pancakes came with banana, strawberries and blueberries and I added some bacon to balance out some of the sweetness. I’ve had bacon and pancakes before and it’s the perfect combination, so I delved in. I have to say though that the portion size is huge, 3 pancakes for one person is a challenge, I could only manage 2 and even Nick had a sneaky little try.

Sweet allure Weekend Brunch with All Bar one

I was really impressed with the food and the portion sizes, it kept both of us full until the evening. I also think the pricing is pretty good, we both had a drink and a main each and it was just under £20, which for the portion sizes I think is pretty good.

If I were to eat here again, I’d try the granola or the full English breakfast, although there were some really lovely egg options too!

What are your favourite things to eat for brunch??

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