My Current Top 5 Favourite Podcasts.

Up until about 6 months ago I only had a couple of Podcasts in my subscription list however recently my list has grown so much I struggle to listen to them all! Listening to something whilst working really helps me concentrate and zone out background noise and of course it also helps that they are funny and entertaining!

As I found these podcasts from various different places, I thought I’d bring them together in one post so I can tell you all about my current top 5 favourite podcasts.

Sweet Allure: My Current Top 5 Favourite Podcasts

01 My Dad Wrote A Porno.
I know this is an old one but I’ve only recently discovered it. This one is pretty self explanatory, someones dad wrote an erotic novel and he reads it out loud with his friends, much to his awkward amusement. This is really easy to listen to and probably shouldn’t be listened to at work but it’s been keeping me giggling to myself for hours.

02 A Cast of Kings – A Game of Thrones Podcast.
One of my favourite things in life is Game of Thrones and if watching it and chatting about it with anyone that will listen isn’t enough, I like to listen to other people talking theories about it too. What’s great about this, is that one of the hosts has read the books and one has only seen the TV show, so you get two different views points but without any spoilers. Listening to this on a Tuesday morning is almost as exciting as watching the show on Monday evenings.

03 Jules and Sarah The Podcast.
If you are looking for a pick me up kind of podcast this is perfect for you. Jules and Sarah are both northerners that now live in London but still love everything from up north. This has had me laughing out loud at my desk on multiple occasions and never fails to put a smile on my face. I even get a cheeky shout out at one point that quite literally made my month.

04 The Odd Pear.
When Jemma from Dorkface blog told everyone that she and her boyfriend Gary were starting a podcast I was so excited, I love supporting my fellow blogging ladies and I have to say I actually love this podcast. Each week they pick a topic to talk about and I’ve loved every single topic so far, from Harry Potter, 90’s TV to chatting about serial killers, what’s not to love?!

05 Guys We F****d.
This is certainly not safe for work but the pure honesty of this podcast is what I love. Two female comedians talk openly about the men they have slept with and get them on to discuss the encounters. If sex positivity is something you are cool with then this is something fun and interesting to listen to, it’s mostly learning about people’s lives with a dash of boning, standard.

As I listen to so many podcast I’m thinking about doing another list of podcasts I listen to that inspire and help me with my writing/blogging. There are some really great ones that really leave me feeling inspired and wanting to take on the world so keep your eyes peeled for that post very soon.

I hope you’ve heard of a couple of  new podcasts from this list and want to check them out, let me know if you listen or enjoy them. Or if you have any new recommendations please please please let me know in the comments because I’m open to a wide variety of topics and would love to add some new ones to my ever growing list!


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