Wedding Update: 6 Months To Go Till The Big Day.

It’s less than 6 months to go till the big day now and as the date gets closer and closer, things seem to be coming together quite nicely.
Since the last wedding post where I told you about picking our venues we’ve got a lot sorted, I’m feeling more excited than overwhelmed (finally!), so I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s been happening these past 4 months.
Sweet allure wedding 6 months to go
I thought B&W looked more romantic!

Since picking our venues and paying the deposits for each, we’ve been busy searching Pinterest and chatting to our married/wedding planning friends to get a general feeling for the kind of wedding we want. For us, the most important thing is to enjoy the day and get rid of all those pressures that come with a wedding. We’re both very introverted people and the last thing we want is a huge over the top wedding as it wouldn’t reflect us, we really wanted to enjoy planning the wedding and not get swept up with silly things that in the end, doesn’t really matter.
Because of this we purposely picked venues that has so much character in themselves so that we don’t need to spend ages decorating it, in fact we literally don’t have to do anything to either of the venues if we don’t want to as they are both very cool in there own ways. We’ve also decided to go for a buffet style meal which means no stressing about settings, plans or decorating tables.
Due to the fact we are getting married in a conservatory that is full of rare species of flowers it means we can’t have flowers. This might be a problem for some of you but for us it means we don’t have to fork out hundreds of pounds on something that will last only a couple of days but it does mean we get to use some creative alternatives. I’ve been thinking about having paper flowers or fake flowers instead so I’ve been keeping my eyes out for any that I might like.

As for the cake, my lovely brother offered to make it for us. We want an icing free cake, mainly because I really love the way they look and to be honest, because it’s was super simple and easy to make for ourselves without having to fork out too much money (you’ll see a theme here). I also love the idea of having a cake made by a family member, it feels like everyone is helping contribute in some way and it feels more of a community effort, which I really like.

I think I mentioned in my last post that Nick has already bought his suit, it was pretty much one of the first things we did because he was super excited. As for my dress, my lovely friend Gemma is making it for me, I had an idea of cost in my mind and after doing a little research I just felt like I couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a dress that I’ll wear for one day. I completely understand women that do, but for me I just didn’t want to do that but working with Gemma to make the dress I want is very exciting and I can’t wait for everything to come together.

Over the past week I’ve booked myself in with the wedding make-up artist I want, for a trial and have asked Nick’s step sisters to do my hair and beauty procedures as they both work in said industries. I also thought it would be quite a nice bonding session to have it done with them instead of strangers, it makes it much more intimate.

As for the rest, we’ve decided what our wedding favours are going to be, we’ve designed our own invites with a graphic designer, finally decided on bridesmaids dresses and picked a couple of quirky things that make the wedding ‘ours’.

There are still plenty of things we’ve started but really need finish, such as sorting out our music, walking up the aisle, ceremony, walking down the aisle, reception music. We’ve been putting together Spotify playlists but it’s something we both need to sit down and decide on. Another is sorting out my engagement ring, for those that didn’t know it has never quite fitted and it needs sorting before we can buy our wedding rings. Some ring materials can’t be worn together because they wear on each other and I need to find a ring that fits and suits my engagement ring, so that’s the most important thing to sort out next.

Over the past 6 months I honestly have been enjoying planning my wedding and besides the obvious money matters, I haven’t found it very stressful at all. I think as a couple we are quite decisive about what we want so it makes things much easier to pick and decide. Giving yourself too many options is where it gets overwhelming and stressful but we both have a pretty good idea of what we want and whats worth spending money on.

Are you currently planning your wedding? Are you only 6 months away too? Are you married and want to give me some handy tips? What did you do to make yours more personal? Basically tell me anything to do with weddings as I’d love to hear from you!

Can’t believe it’s only 6 months to go!

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