A Foot Pamper For Tired Tootsies.

Lets talk about feet. I always forget to look after my feet, which is silly really to say they do all the work! I’ve been making a real effort recently to enjoy a pampering bath once or twice a week, so I’ve incorporated a little foot routine into the bath to pamper my poor little tired tootsies.
sweet allure a foot pamper for tired tootsies lush pumic power softy foot lotion

After a good soak in the bath, I’ve washed my hair, done my face mask and body scrub, I head down south (not like that you naughty lot!) and take some time to look after my feet. I suffer from quite hard dry feet because I’ve neglected them for approximately… forever. So I decided to pick up this foot pumice from LUSH. This is called Pumice Power, which smells really orangey and lovely which is great because I always imagine foot care to smell horrible but this is fresh and zesty. This pumice isn’t really rough like you would expect, it’s certainly for the newbies like me, but it’s tough enough to give a good scrub to the heel but soft enough to use all over the foot also.

It soaps up a little because it’s also a cleanser, so not only does it scrub away dead skin it cleans your feet properly too. I think this is such a great little product, really easy to use and great value for money too, I’ve used this a dozen times and it’s probably only used 1/4 of it?

After scrubbing my feet I just rinse off the residue and finish off my bath.

sweet allure a foot pamper for tired tootsies lush pumic power softy foot lotion

After I get out of the bath I pat dry my feet and take a good amount of Softy by LUSH and massage this into my feet. This smells like old people, but in the nicest way possible! ha! It must be the lavender which I’m not really a huge fan of but it’s quite soothing and comforting. This sinks in really quickly and because I don’t want to get my feet all dirty straight after, I put my feet up and watch some YouTube whilst it properly sinks in. The smell lingers a little but I don’t mind that at all and your feet are left very soft, as you would expect !

sweet allure a foot pamper for tired tootsies lush pumic power softy foot lotion
I’ve barely used any out of the bottle so it’ll last a really long time, even if you use it daily this would last you and definitely worth the £7 price tag. So a whole new foot pamper routine for under £10 is pretty good value for money in my opinion!
I’m tempted to buy some foot masks to really try and get rid of the tough/rough skin on my heels. Please let me know your recommendations if you have any good product suggestions! As I would love to know 🙂

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