3 Disappointing moments from the Harry Potter series.

Last weekend Nick and I finally finished watching the Harry Potter series and as much as I friggin love it, there are some major things that disappoint me. As a point of reference Nick hadn’t read all of the books or seen all of the films so we decided to watch through them all together.
I guess I should put a spoiler warning here, but if you haven’t watched Harry Potter by now you need a slap!
Firstly, it’s a real shame that they never touch upon all the passion Hermione has for the welfare of house elves and magical creatures. This is quite a big thing for her character and actually becomes part of her job in the future and I think it’s such a shame this isn’t touched upon in the films. Could you imagine all the young kids learning about the welfare of animals and creatures through Harry Potter? I feel it’s such a shame for the younger generation or none book readers to have missed out on.

Then next up is the heart wrenching moment you realise that Fred has died. At this point in the book I cried my little eyes out and was devastated that a Weasley had died, however in the film this moment doesn’t get much air time at all. I was speaking to Nick about the film after it had finished to get his opinion on the ending and I mentioned how sad it was that Fred  had died and he said ‘did he? I didn’t even notice!’…my point exactly!! After thinking about it a little more, when Harry see’s Fred‘s body it’s kind of the defining moment that shit is real and he goes off to face Voldymort but it still feels like a really sad moment that has been skipped over drastically…besides the badass moment of course where Molly defeats Bellatrix Lestrange.

Then finally, my ultimate disappointment is the end scene or chapter of the book. It was kind of expected that we would want to find out what happened to the gang post Hogwarts, but for me, this last scene feels so rushed and cheesy. Firstly, the names that Harry & Ginny call their kids is just ridiculous and so predicable. Don’t even get me started on the scene in the film where they are all meant to be 30+ and look about 16…they can animate amazing dragons but they can’t make some kids look older?….I am disappoint. To me it feels like this bit was just tacked onto the end as a last thought and was done in the aim of pleasing the fans. I would rather have had something a little more in depth about their lives as something separate, but I guess one can always dream that another book had come out instead…

I still frikkin love Harry Potter despite it’s flaws and I am very tempted to start watching through the films again already!

Let me know if anything about the films or books disappointed you! As I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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