8 Things I learnt from re-watching Sex and the City.

I was given the Sex and the City boxset for Christmas and I couldn’t wait to re-watch them in order and follow the story properly but when watching it I couldn’t help but notice a few things.

1. They never cook!?

They have these beautiful homes that cost an absolute bomb yet they never cook or really spend time at home. What is with that?! Over 6 seasons that spans over 10? years not once do you see them cook. Are takeaways super cheap in New York or are they just super lazy?

2. Carrie’s fashion sense is awful.
I’m not really sure how Carrie Bradshaw became this huge fashion icon, is it because she only buys high end clothing even if the clothes/shoes she buys are god-damn awful? In the last season she wears cargo shorts, heels and this big frilly pink top thing and it was seriously one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen.

3. For a programme about sex…they barely say the word.
So yes Samantha uses the most frank of words but for a programme about sex they often use the phrase ‘making love’ which is something I wasn’t really expecting. I guess the underlying point of the film is that sex is great but it’s infinite times better when you are in love with someone.

4. I am Miranda.
There is always one person you relate to the most in a TV show and it turns out I am Miranda. I’m not super girly, I’m all for the honest approach of no bullshit and she basically summed up everything I want from my wedding when she gets married. I just really get her. You don’t need to be super into makeup and fashion or heels and you can still be sexy and I think Miranda does this well. (and no, I’m not secretly saying these things about myself, ha!)

5. Big is a prick.
There is no other way to say it, but he’s a bell end. I’m all aboard the Aidan boat. He’s a furniture designer with great taste, a cabin and a dog, oh and is crazy cute and loving…who wouldn’t you want that? Carrie apparently…

6. Honesty is key.
There is an episode towards the end of the entire series where they ask a man on his opinion. ‘Why didn’t he call?‘. The response, ‘he’s just not that into you‘. It’s almost ground breaking for multiple reasons, 1. Four intelligent and independent woman couldn’t work this out for themselves 2. All they had to do was ask a man and 3. why do they even care? ha ha.
I think we can all learn a little from some honesty, if you aren’t that into someone, save them and you a bunch of time and just tell them, don’t beat around the bush (cringe).

7.Women are just as confusing as men.
Dating is a cruel and confusing game and it doesn’t matter which side of the dating wall you are, that shit is confusing, no matter how many brunches you sit talking about it with your 3 gal pals.

8. Oh and they never take their make-up off before bed.
Nuff said.


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