What I Got for Christmas 2015.

I’ve been debating for awhile whether to do this post or not..that and the awful lighting/weather situation didn’t help. But you can probably already tell that by the date this post has gone live…

I find these posts to be quite interesting as I’m a nosey so and so, but I also often find myself coming away from reading others and feeling a bit shitty about myself after not getting 3k’s worth of stuff. I watched one YouTube video that lasted 25 minutes…25! of none stop Christmas gifts, it wasn’t all cheap stuff either, it was all substantial bits and pieces.

So this post isn’t going to be full of the most recent eye shadow palette, or any kind of Apple products for that matter, so fair warning this is not your standard ‘What I got for Christmas’ post, it’s probably much geekier…

So the first three things I got were Pop Vinyl’s, Nick bought me Dumbledore from Harry Potter, then my friend James asked me to pick out 2 I wanted, so I picked Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and then Hershal from The Walking Dead. I love Pop Vinyl’s so much, starting to get quite a little collection going now!

Then I got a Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Amazing Grace, I have to admit I picked this out myself but I was so happy to finally get my hands on it. It’s so pretty and the colour is great, I wore it on Christmas day and it hung around for quite awhile, so I was impressed with it. I fear this might be the start of some more lipstick purchases though…

Then for anyone that saw my post about Urban Outfitters: Home ware Gift guide before Christmas, I linked a few polaroid frames I liked and I may have got a little one for Christmas. I love it and I really want to buy some more…but at least you guys can see what it looks like with actual polaroids in! Very cool.

Then I asked Santa for this Fish Eye Lens for my iPhone, I’ve got a lens like this for one of my analogue cameras so I thought it would be cool for taking some different photos. A fish eye lens basically is a curved lens so that you can get more of the shot in it, I’ll post a photo below so you get the idea!

My instagram is https://www.instagram.com/sweetalluree/ if you want to follow!

Then as I’m pretty much a Tv/Movie nerd, I got some Dvd’s for Christmas. First up I got the Sex and the City box set, which I’ve wanted for ages! I’ve watched most of them in a random order so I can finally watch them in order..I’m on season 4 already…woops.

Then I got Guardians of the Galaxy, I’ve basically been in love with everything about this film since I first saw it and have been trying to convince Nick to watch it with me, so he bought it so we can watch it together….p.s he loved it.

Then finally, Nick got me the Harry Potter boxset, which fun story I’d also bought him too, and if you read my Harry Potter Tour post you’d know he admitted he has never seen all of the movies, so I bought them him so we could watch them together and he bought them me because he knows how much of a fan I am. So I’ll give you the low down of what he thinks when we get around to watching it. Because I didn’t have the receipt for the boxset I bought him, we returned the one he got me and bought The Walking Dead Season 5 instead, as he is also watching through that with me (after years of trying to convince him).

Then as I’ve kind of become obsessed with candles over the last month or 2, Nick bought me a little pack of Yankee candles so I could burn a few and see if I liked any of the scents. I’ve already burnt the berry one and the cookie one, so they arn’t in the photo, but they were a cute little gift!

Then the final thing I’m going to talk about are these slippers, mostly because my feet are almost always cold, yes, even in summer or in foreign hot countries.  So a good sturdy pair of slippers are a must and these ones from Nicks dad and step mum are so cosy and warm and I’ve basically worn them none-stop since.

I also got a few more gifts, including an amazing rainbow lit keyboard for my computer, some money from family and other home bits and shower bits, which I equally loved and will use up. I just can’t photograph everything in life, especially with such terrible lighting. I also had a pretty good selection of chocolate that disappeared approximately 1 day after Santa delivered it.

So there you have it, I hope this was a little different from any of the other What I got for Christmas posts, I like to think I have a different style to most. Please let me know what you got! or leave me a link to some of your posts in the comments below!

Hope you all had a great one and a happy new year!


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