Blogging Goals for 2016.

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and that blows my mind, I honestly never thought I would stick to this thing for so long but here I am and I’m definitely sticking around, soz.

I certainly have some aims for the development of my blog over 2016 which I thought I’d share with you, after all, we all have something we want to improve don’t we?

 The first thing I really want to do is write more meaningful posts, yes we all love a good haul or make up product reviews, but I really want to write about things that don’t cost money and make use of the things I already own. Thinking up new ideas and covering topics that are a little out of the ordinary is going to be my aim this year, it’s not all about how much money or ‘stuff’ you have, it’s about the angle you approach a topic from.

Then, as I’ve heard pretty much every blogger on the planet say, I really want to improve my photography. This may be just learning how to make the most of the camera, thinking of interesting ways to shoot products, making the most of the natural light or awesome flatlays, but I really want to improve my photography and thus improve the appeal of my blog to you lovely lot. 

I also really want to get more involved with the blogging community this year, I’ve already managed to wedge myself into some groups and make friends and if this is to grow in the next year, I’d be extremely happy. I love making new friends, going to new places and having new opportunities, so I will certainly not be turning these things down if they arise in 2016, this is my ‘Yes Man‘ moment!

Then lastly, I want to grow my social media on all platforms. I actually hated Twitter before making my blog but now I’m constantly checking my account… and I’ve always loved Instagram, so this year I want to make a real conscious effort to grow my social media platforms. I’m going to attempt to join in more twitter chats, post much more regularly on Instagram and more importantly, interact with you all and spread some love. This is certainly something that wont just happen over night, I’ll have to set aside time every day or other day to comment on things I like, give praise where praise is due and hopefully spread a little positivity around this little blogging world, but I really intend to try harder.

I can’t wait to see all you lovely blogging lot through another year. Onwards and upwards for everyone, there’s plenty of room at the top for us all!


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