Urban Outfitters Under £20 Home Gift Guide.

Clock wise from top left. 
I feel like writing a blog post entirely on website is a bit cheeky and won’t be for everyone but I’m really digging Urban Outfitter recently. I think the home ware stuff is really nice and I’ve already bought some pieces from the store. So I’m putting together a little home ware gift guide from UO for those that love interiors, design and general cool stuff.

I decided to do a little section for photo frames because there are some really cute fun ones on the UO website at the minute. The one on the top left, I’ve actually asked Santa for this Christmas! It holds little Polariod Instax Mini’s, which is really cute and it’s hard to find frames for Polaroids, this one hold 4, so 2 on the back and 2 on the front. Bargain at £6 but is an online exclusive.

Then the copper geometric frame on the top right I thought was quite cool and on theme with the copper. This holds a normal sized print off photo, so no awkward size photo’s you need to print. This one is £12 but again, pretty bargain price for a frame that’s a bit different as frames are generally quite expensive. 
The clear and glittery frame on the bottom left I think is kinda fun. It again holds an Instax mini Polaroid but its clear perspex with water in it, so that the glittery bits float around when you move them. This is very whimsy and cute and a bargain at £6 and could be a great stocking filler. They do other versions of these, so different coloured glitter etc.

Then on the bottom right I chose a gold round frame with kitty ears. Round frames arn’t the best to fit photo’s in I must admit, but I thought the cat ears were cute for cat people and makes it a little fun and cute. This is also £12 and very unique, I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Then next I chose this lamp, I looovee this lamp, it’s like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s made of Salt in the shape of a pyramid and lights up, I’m not sure if the colours vary as it’s not clear on the website but very cool and only £18, which I think is pretty cheap for something so different. 

Then I chose these little fabric hangers with messages on them. Who doesn’t love a good quote or print? but this is an interesting twist because it’s on fabric rather than paper and I like the idea of hanging them. They have lots of varieties colour and quote wise so take a peek on the website if you like the look of them. These are only £12.

Then last I chose this gold Pyramid Glass Box which is great to hold little trinkets, like jewellery. This could also be used to put a tea light candle in it or have coloured rocks in it like in the display pictures on the website, I think these kind of things look great around a fire place or on a window sill. I have a terrarium that I’m planning on putting some fairy lights in for it to sit in front of my fireplace, so you could even do that! These are only £15 and have a couple of different shapes.


So that was my little home ware gift edition, I hope you liked it, I tried to keep things pretty cheap as home ware stuff can quickly escalate out of control but little things like these are nice. I’d be happy to receive any of these things for Christmas!

Check back tomorrow for another blogmas post, tomorrow will be half way! Which means its only 2 weeks till Christmas, where has December gone!?


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