Snowman Fairy Cakes.

I wanted to bake something fun, easy and simple for the festive season and during a causal Pinterest browse I came across a few variations of snowmen cup cakes. They looked cute and fun and pretty easy to do, so I went on the hunt for some baking supplies.

Firstly I had a look online for some Christmas cup cake decorations and landed on a great variety of things on eBay. I settled on this pack of 3, silver balls, white snow flakes and teenie tiny balls of white and blue and at a bargain price of £1.99 + 90pp what’s not to love?
Then I went about buying some cake mix, I totally cheated and bought a pack that just required you to add an egg and some water, because who’s got time to weigh out all the ingredients and figure out how many to make, not me that’s for sure. I already have eggs in the fridge and water, so why not save a little time, eh?

Next up I picked up some cases, blue polka dot, wanted white but this was the closest I could find, I guess blue and white are still wintery wonderland colours so wasn’t a complete fail. I then also completely cheated on the butter icing, I bought a huge pot of the stuff ready made, because it was just way easier, probably tastier and plus I don’t have a magic cake mixer or guns of steel.

Then finally I needed the bits and pieces to magic up some snowmen, I opted for a big bag of marsh mellows and then picked up what I thought was decoration icing but turned out to be colour dye, but I made it work! Then it was all about bringing it all together!

Firstly I made the fairy cakes, pretty bog standard stuff, I’m not going to go into it, I’m sure a million other people have done that online, it’s really quick and easy. Whilst they were in the oven I got two marsh mellows and stuck them together with icing, so they looked like a head and a body of a snowman. I then took my colour decorations in black and poked 2 holes for the eyes and a line for the mouth on the top marsh mellow and then 3 spots down the bottom one to look like buttons. I then added an orange circle in the middle of the top marsh mellow to look like a carrot nose, and they’re pretty much done!

When the fairy cakes had cooled I smoothed some of the ready made icing on, trying to make it slightly uneven so that it had a little texture and wasn’t really flat. Then I took a snowman and plonked it in the middle of the wet icing so it stuck.

Then I used some of the decorations to make the icing look more like ‘snow’ with some snowflakes and some blue and white little balls. Pretty simple right? but oh so cool and these are the end results!

I’m really happy with these little fellas, I took them into work to share around and people liked them! I guess they are something a little different from the usual fairy cake!

If I were to spend more time on them I think I would maybe buy some matchmakers (the chocolate) and stick them in the bottom marsh mellow to make arms but that is probably all the improvements they really need.

Remember to check back tomorrow for another day of blogmas 🙂


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