Giving something extra this Christmas.

When we think about Christmas, we often think of family, food, presents, being cosy and warm at home watching TV and although this is great its not something everyone gets to enjoy at Christmas time.

There are many homeless people, families living in poverty, elderly people that have no family and remain alone on Christmas day, this was even touched upon in John Lewis’s Christmas advert this year and there are little things those who are more fortunate can do to bring someone else a little joy this Christmas.

I live in Sheffield and the local Radio station, Hallam FM, always do a campaign at Christmas called Mission Christmas: Cash for Kids  , this summed up means buying that little extra present and giving it in at a local drop off point so a local disadvantaged child has something to open on Christmas. This doesn’t have to be something wildly expensive (although, if you are feeling generous, that’s great!) it could be something as simple as a dvd. Places often have 3 for 2 deals, or buy one get one half price, so why not think about picking something up for the less fortunate with these offers and giving kids the excitement of a Santa visit. It doesn’t have to be a toy as my local campaign is for children aged 0-18 years old, so even that extra bath kit, aftershave, slipper socks or mini make up kit can really help spread some joy to an older kid.

I really urge you to look at what efforts are being made in your local area to help those less fortunate, it doesn’t have to be expensive, even sparing a couple of quid that you would have spent on a coffee or hot chocolate could really make the difference in someone else’s Christmas this year.

I really hope that by writing this I could help potential kids have the excitement I did (and still do!) every year knowing I have presents, warm clothing, great food and people to share it with.
So please make that little effort to spread some cheer!

Until tomorrow,


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