LUSH: Face Mask First Impressions.

I have never tried a LUSH face mask until last weekend, I know, I can’ t believe it either, but I finally got around to buying 2 masks from Lush Oxford Street store during my visit to London. 

After reading up on all the face masks and visiting my local store, I decided to pick up Oatifix and Rosey Cheeks. I decided on Rosey Cheeks because I suffer from redness on my cheeks…I think that explains it enough? ha ha! Then to be honest I chose the Oatifix one due to recommendations from YouTubers.

So lets delve in!

I tried the Rosey Cheeks pretty much as soon as we got back from my little trip into London. Firstly the colour is gorgeous and it smells nice. I clipped back my hair and smoothed a good layer of this all over my face (as did my friend) and there is still plenty left in the pot for at least another 3!

The texture is very smooth and is very cooling on the skin when you apply this, which is great for sensitive skin and although it says leave this on for 10-15 minutes, I left it on for much longer. This dries out on the skin so isn’t hugely wet and then I eventually washed this off my flannel and warm water.

I did notice that my skins redness had calmed down the next morning and that my skin was less oily. So although this mask didn’t wow me with its results it was a nice treat and I’ll defo use this up, although on a first impression basis I can’t 100% say I’ll be repurchasing this but it was a great way to ease me into the face mask process.

Sweet allure lush face mask first impressions

Then the second mask I bought was the Oatifix which I was really looking forward to trying. This smells amazing, the oats and banana remind me of breakfast, no wonder it mentions trying not to eat it! The texture is very different to the Rosey Cheeks, it’s very chunky and quite hard to smooth over your face but once you get it on, it doesn’t dry out a like normal face mask and is quite moisturising for the entire time.

I took this one off with a flannel in the shower, where the oats exfoliated my skin, the naturally occurring oils in the products moisturised and I noticed immediately how well my skin was after removing this one.

I put my makeup on for a date night after this and it’s never gone on so well! I really like this face mask from the get go, it smells amazing, works really well on my skin and I can see me 100% repurchasing this.

So over all, it’s a mixed bag. I like both products but I certainly prefer the Oatifix more.

If anyone has any recommendations for face masks, not just for LUSH products, please send them my way!

Keep your eyes peeled for more LUSH goodness in the not so distant future.



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