Charlotte Tilbury: Magic Foundation Review

I’ve been a convert of Charlotte Tilbury since my birthday, you can read my CT first impressions post here. So obviously when I heard she was bringing out a new foundation, I was looking forward to getting my hands on it.

I spent a long time on the website trying to decide which colour shade I am, which is something I do find quite annoying, that and the fact that their are no stores around to go sample it, guess that’s the trouble with making something online only. I settled on shade 3 from the images online and placed my order.
I waited in anticipation for about a week for this to arrive, so as soon as it did I cracked open the samples to try, as CT kindly send out a lighter and darker shade than the one you ordered, so you can check to see if you are in fact the shade you ordered.
Obviously I was a shade lighter than the one I ordered, typical! So I had to send mine back to exchange it for shade 2.

It did take quite awhile for the new package to arrive, what with the return time and the new delivery time, but 3 weeks after my original order I finally got to try it out in the correct shade.
The packaging doesn’t really need much explanation, CT always hits the nail on the head with packaging, simple, classic and beautiful, no complaints here!
The formula is light weight and covers my redness well. I’d say this is medium coverage, but build-able if you like something a little heavier. The bottle comes with a pump and I use one small pump to cover my entire face, so this should last a good amount of time.
I have slightly dry skin coming around my cheeks and this formula does cling to the patches slightly, which I’m sure I could change with a little skincare. This also doesn’t leave me oily unlike my NARS Sheer Glow so that makes this a winner with me, as I don’t like a very dewy look.
I personally set this with a little powder in my oily areas but on the drier areas of my face this stays put without any kind of setting.

I guess CT has made another winner with this one, with an enormous amount of shade selection, great packaging, good coverage and a fairly reasonable price, it is up there with all the other higher end brands. For me this is just a teenie tiny bit better than my NARS Sheer Glow because it has an SPF of 15, which the NARS doesn’t have, oh and a pump!

I’m very happy I purchased this and glad I have a couple of foundations to pick and choose from now, I think I will be re-purchasing this when it eventually runs out!
Let me know what you guys think of this if you have tried it.