Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm Review.

I recently bought a bright pink lipstick from Topshop (have a look here) but it was very matte and because I’ve been struggling with really dry lips recently, I haven’t been reaching for it, sad face. So when I had a little nosey around Boots the other day I came across the ColorBurst range and was immediately drawn to a very similar pink colour.

The description says ‘Matte Balm‘ which sounds like it wouldn’t really work, as matte is non-shiny and a balm would suggest wet/shiny but it really does make sense when you swatch it! Its balmy and really not very drying at all but is quite matte and non budging, it is a very wearable colour that doesn’t dry out your lips.
The colour I picked up was 205, Elusive, but there were a few options available from nude, to purples to bright red. The packaging is Matte, see what they did there? with a twist bottom, from the size of the tube you do get quite a lot of product but I was still a little shocked when I got to the till and realised it was £7.99! I do feel the price has put me off buying another because if it was even slightly cheaper I would certainly be purchasing more.
The one thing I really don’t like about this product is the smell, it smells very strongly of mint which is really strange. Most lipsticks smell sweet but mint is very confusing when you are putting it on your lips, it just reminds me of brushing my teeth which is odd!
Revlon Elusive on the left,
Topshop Brighton Rock on the right.
I’ve basically wore this every day since I bought it last week including 2 parties! If any of you know of something similar to this product that isn’t £8! please let me know!

Ciao for now!


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