Nails: Topshop ‘Sea Bound’

Can we seriously just take a second to stop and admire this nail
varnish. How beautiful is this colour? This colour reminds me so much of
the sea, scales on a fish and even makes me think of mystical
mermaids, so as you can imagine, I just had to buy this colour. 

When you see a colour like this in the pot your mind does start to think ‘How will this actually look on the nails?’. I assumed it would be lovely but I didn’t imagine how wonderful the colour looked from different angles, any kind of shadow and light cast on the nails adds depth, making the dark areas darker and the light areas, yep you guessed it, lighter. It really is an absolutely stunning colour and I’ve not seen anything like this before.
I used a base coat, then 2 coats of the Topshop ‘Sea Bound‘ and then a top coat. I have to say the colour pay off is amazing for 2 coats but I have noticed one or two tiny chips already which is disappointing. Topshop polishes are usually £5 but this one was very slightly steeper at £6, which is absolutely worth the extra pound. There was another colour like this that was darker, which almost looked like oil which I’m very tempted to buy also.

This colour certainly isn’t for the faint hearted as it quite clearly stands out from the norm but who cares when you can pretend to be like a mermaid?

Not me that for sure!

*They dont seem to have this colour on the online store but here is one of the same type on the Topshop website, I would check your local store if you are interested in this colour.

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