Nail Update.

I nipped into TopShop this week to have a look at the make-up range. I’ve been seeing ViviAnnadoesMakeup talk about a lovely whitey blue nail varnish from TopShop called Boy Next Door which looked lovely so I wanted to see what other colours they had on offer.
My local Topshop had them all laid out colour coded (neat freak heaven!) and I was immediately drawn to this dusty pink colour called Shrimpy. I actually came out with a lipstick too so keep your eyes peeled for a review of that soon!

I liked the colour so much, that as soon as I got home I took my current polish off which I’d actually only done about 2 days ago and gave this a go. It’s a very subtle dusky pinky colour which only took 2 coats to cover properly. I really like this colour and could see myself wearing it a lot, it’s almost in my opinion, a wedding style colour? I could imagine getting married wearing this colour on my nails. Although it is very hard to photograph, I think the photo’s have come out slightly darker than they look in reality but I didn’t want to edit the images because they wouldn’t look anything like the colour!
For a bargain price of only £5 and a quite large variety of colours, I think I’ll be heading back to add other colours to my collection!
If you’ve tried any Topshop beauty/nail items, please let me know any recommendations!

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