The Love/Hate Tag.

The lovely and friendly Sarah from | Sarah In Wonderland | tagged me in the  Love/Hate Tag | and I’m actually looking forward to doing this post because I love a good rant just as much as a ‘favourites’.
Hope you enjoy!

The Rules
The tagged person must share a total of 20 things; 10 things they love, and 10 things they hate.
They must nominate 10 bloggers to complete the tag.
10 Things that I Love:
1. Chocolate, need I say any more on this subject? Cadbury Marvellous Creations – Jelly Popping Candy has to be my current top favourite, along with chocolate raisins.
2. TV & Films. I’m a TV and Film watching junkie, I love Netflix, I love TV series. I can sit and binge watch Netflix all day long. I recently watched all of Gavin and Stacy from start to finish, loved it so much I immediately started again, see what I mean? ha ha.
3. Organising. Yes I’m one of those sad people that plan every minute of my life to the last detail for the next 3 years. I just can’t help it, I guess I’m a little of a control freak. I just like to know what to aim for in life and the 1,000 ways I can achieve that.. or fail. ha!

4. Lists. See above! So a post like this is just my little organisational heaven. I scribble pretty much everything I can into a list. It’s so satisfying when you eventually do them all, right?

5. Sleeping. Because, sleep?

6. Eating. Maaan I love eating. I wish eating healthy wasn’t so damn expensive but I just love food. I love all things healthy really, I love nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish. I also love pizza, KFC and all manner of naughty things. Life is all about balance though!

7. Country side/ Nature, including animals. I just love being outdoors, exploring and finding something beautiful. I love flowers and I’ve been secretly harbouring the idea about having a flowery tattoo. I love spotting animals, we have magpies and squirrels around our house all the time and it always cheers me up. There is just something so lovely about nature, so peaceful and calm and beautiful. It’s the simple things in life and I 100% appreciate nature.
8. Winter. I don’t particularly sit well in summer because I hate being too hot but it can be enjoyable sometimes. But winter is just the best. I like layers and cosy jumpers and being wrapped up warm inside with hot chocolate with marshmallows. I also LOVE Christmas, it’s the best time of year, it has this magic about it that just makes me so excited. I love decorating the tree and buying presents and the food. Man I can’t wait for Christmas…

9. Nick, my Fiancé. I know you are probably thinking he should be number one on the list right? Of course he is, I love him to bits but I didn’t do this in any logical order, I just got super excited about chocolate ha ha! He’s great really, he puts up with my moaning and we have a laugh and I can talk to him about everything. I won’t get too soppy, but there aren’t many couples who can quite literally spend 24/7 with each other without killing each other but we somehow manage and I’d miss him unbelievable amounts if that changed. <3

10. Polaroids. I know I’m going to sound like a major hipster here, but I had my first Polaroid camera when I was about 12. I bought it with my birthday money and I’ve been snapping ever since. I’ve got countless different cameras, all shapes and sizes, old or new and there is just something very special about seeing your photo develop in front of your eyes. Even most of the ones that go ‘wrong’ still look cool and mysterious, they are just awesome and fun fact, I have a whole fridge drawer full of Polaroid film in my fridge!

10 Things that I Hate:

1. Waiting. I have to be the most impatient person on the planet, which really sucks when you spend most of the time planning 3 years in advance and then realise you have to wait those 3 years to get there! ha ha.

2. Bad drivers. I have some serious back seat driver rage. I can drive and strangely seem to be fine when I drive but when people do stupid things when I’m a passenger my rage just boils. The other day I got so mad at some ridiculous situation that I lent over and honked the horn before Nick had even registered what was going on! Not sure if I should be admitting this now!

3.  Rude people. People who are rude or inconsiderate are the worst. Not saying please or thank you when it doesn’t cost a thing is just vile. I was bought up to be very polite and grateful and always say my please and thank you, so people that can’t do that just piss me off. It quite literally, doesn’t take a second to say when someone has done something kind etc.

4. Any form of ignorance. This I could rant about forever but I’ll keep it short. People who don’t take the time to understand someone else’s lifestyle choice, religion, sexuality etc and make assumptions based on that matter are ignorant. People need to spread a lot more love than hate.
5. Incompetence. People who just have no idea what they are doing are frustrating. I’m patient (most of the time) and understanding but there is a limit y’ano? There are only so many times you can help someone or give advice before it becomes annoying.

6. Awkward situations. God I find myself in some awkward situations sometimes and they are just horrible. I don’t want to be in the middle of your argument or whatever other rubbish has happened, please let me escape this awkwardness!

7. Surprises. This comes from being a control freak. I just hate surprises. I don’t like surprise presents or parties and although I love presents, Christmas/ birthdays can be a right anxiety minefield in case I don’t like a present or I seem ungrateful etc. So yeah, no surprises please!

8. Celery. How god awful is celery? I can taste it a mile off. Gross.

9. Living so far away from friends and family. I moved to Sheffield to be with Nick and I left behind all of my friends and family and it kills me being far away from them. I don’t see them hardly at all any more and this makes Tarnya a sad girl.

10. Phone calls with people I don’t know. This seems to be a fairly common thing in the new generation of people who spend most of their childhood growing up on Msn Messenger, Facebook chat, Whatsapp and texting. I just hate making phone calls to people. I’m moving house in 2 weeks time and I’m putting off ringing all the things I need to but they REALLY need doing soon and ARGHHHH.


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