Fight Club 2: The Comic.

For those that know me personally, I am obsessed with the author Chuck Palahniuk (I’ve met him!). I’ve read his books for years and Fight Cub is pretty much my all time favourite film. So when I heard that Fight Club 2 had been announced and that it was coming in comic form, it hit all my nerdy spots.

I’d actually tried to get these from America and was disappointed about how much money it was going to cost me to have them shipped over, however I found out that Forbidden Planet have now stocked them in the U.K and I quite literally went online and ordered all of them. ALL of them.

As it’s only going to be 10 part comic there will be guest artists doing the front covers, so there are a variety of covers for each issue. I’ve actually ordered every single one, they are all really cool and interesting and some are even signed by the artists. These are a great collectible for any Fight Club or Palahniuk fan.

I don’t want to ruin the plot, but it basically takes place a few years after the end of Fight Club. Sebastian and Marla are married with a son and Sebastian is taking medication to block out ‘Tyler’.
I know this post isn’t for everyone, but I’m a massive nerd at heart and this has got me SO excited.
Please let me know if any of you are interested in this as I’d love to have a natter about it

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