Fashion: High waisted skirt and crop top.

As a curvier girl that is slightly taller than average, I have always shied away from even remotely different outfits. I was recently searching through Pinterest and came across a girl wearing a knee length high waisted skirt and a crop top and I loved the way the outfit looked.

 I started searching the net for a subtle pastel coloured skirt and found the perfect one in Zara, I ordered it knowing full well it probably wouldn’t suit me and I’d have to send it back. To my surprise though, it fitted great so I went about purchasing my first ‘crop top’. For a busty girl with not the flattest of stomachs this terrified me slightly but I found a lovely little white crop top in New Look.

This outfit has thoroughly converted me and is extremely flattering. The crop top shows just a tiny bit of flesh (if you are brave enough or tuck it in) and the skirt sits on the smallest bit of the waist to really emphasise the smallest part. The knee length is flattering and skims over the wider parts but also covers the upper legs.

This has defiantly opened me up to some new outfit options, I’m now on the hunt for some cute little crop tops to go with it and a new pair of sandals! 🙂

I would LOVE to see your outfits so Tweet me @sweet_allure or Instagram me @sweetalluree


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