First Impressions: First Aid Beauty – Facial Radiance Pads

 I recently found Caroline Hirons blog and all I can say is, I wish I found this WAY sooner in life. Caroline seems to know pretty much everything about skin care, she’s very qualified and her family have been in the business for 3 generations!

Sweet allure First Impressions: First Aid Beauty - Facial Radiance Pads skincare beauty

I read through almost all Carolines ‘cheat sheets’ and discovered acid toners and/or exfoliators were missing from my skin care routine. These pads contain acids which help take off the dead skin without having to scrub your face with products that contain beads or ‘bits’. The word acid does seem a little scary when you consider these are going on your face but after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to give it a go. Caroline explains what different acids do for your skin – here.

I take one of these pads and wipe one side all over my face and neck and then back over again with the other side, in both my morning and night time routine. The pads sting very slightly as they do contain acid, I have sensitive skin but these are very gentle and don’t hurt at all but obviously keep these away from your eyes. Afterwards I leave the moisture to dry off naturally before I carry on my with my usual skin care routine.  
Now, I had no idea what to expect from these pads and after using my first one my face was baby bottom smooth, no kidding, it felt like a new face. These left no flaky skin bits or dry patches, it clears away all my dead skin and leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I’m so glad I tried them.

You get 60 pads for £17.60 (and free shipping!) which is a little steep I must admit but it’s a step I wouldn’t miss out on now, this makes exfoliating so quick and easy and gives amazing results, you could always use them just once a day to make them last longer or add them into your routine as and when needed. There are other acid exfoliates on the market which I will eventually try but I highly recommend these for newbies.

If any of you give them a try or use an alternative, please let me know!