Recent Repurchases May 2015.

Sweet allure Recent Repurchases May 2015 liz earle cleanse and polish nars sheer glow mont blanc
We all know we’ve stumbled across a good product when we think about re-purchasing something. You’re coming to the end of the bottle or pot and you begin to panic about what you’ll do when it eventually runs out. So here are a couple of products I’ve repurchased recently and why they deserve another buy.

NARS Sheer GlowMont Blanc – £31
Now, I was very late on the band waggon for this product as I was always a fan of the matte face but I took the plunge after countless recommendations on YouTube. This is a game changer! The colour match was great for me, much better than the MAC foundation I had previously been using. Sheer Glow covers the redness I get on my cheeks, gives great coverage and doesn’t cling to my occasional dry patches, although it does need setting with a powder if you tend to get a little oily. Mont Blanc always seems to be out of stock everywhere, so in preparation of mine running out, I repurchased this whilst it was in stock. 

Liz Earle |  Cleanse and Polish – Starting at £14

My friend Rosie recommended me this product back in february as an introduction to a skin care routine. You apply this to a dry face, massage in and wipe off with the included muslin cloth, it even blasts away mascara with no trouble at all. The formula is creamy and moisturising and smells divine. This products makes me want to do my skin care routine, which always seemed like such an effort before. My skin loves Liz Earle and ever since using this, it’s helped clear my skin up and looks so much better than it ever did before.

MAC Fluidline Eye-Liner Gel | BlackTrack – £15.50

I’ve talked in a bit more detail about this product in my Mac Mini Haul but this is a gel eyeliner that you apply with a brush. I’ve tried a couple of high street version of gel eyeliners and haven’t loved them as much as this one. £15.50 might seem steep for a little pot but if you frequently rock the eyeliner look, this lasts forever. I think I gave up on my old pot after 2 years of solid use, so defiantly worth the money in my opinion.

Maybelliene  |   Lash Sensational – £7.99

I bought this mascara before the Benefit Roller Lash hype and from what I’ve seen in reviews, the plastic wand is almost identical. It has short and long bristles so it grips to all of your lashes to give a good even coat. This mascara is incredible, it lengthens, gives volume and holds a curl. I’ve personally never found a mascara that has wowed me but this is worth the hype and cheaper than the £19.50 for Roller Lash (jeez, that’s high end prices). I’m calling this a favourite of 2015 already as I can’t imagine moving onto any other mascara any time soon.

What products do you think are good enough to repurchase?  🙂


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